The Project 
TDS is a faith based motivational speaker, who uses media channels such as YouTube to minister to her audience as well as setting up her own events and speaking at conferences. Her mission is to empower women on the platform of leadership via her mentoring scheme that manifests as a leadership class named GO! Leadership Academy. 
The Brief
To create a brand that appeals to women between the ages of 16-25. Also to convey the multiplicity of channels she uses in a unique way i.e. books, YouTube, Leadership Academy and conferences. 
Our Solution 
Our solution was to brand TDS as a performer, using pictures of her preaching/ teaching, her audience are of  the technology generation as to why her distribution channels are predominately online. We though giving her an ‘in-action’ appearance would aid her in being looked up to in becoming that world changer and leadership figure. 
The team
Brian Hollingsworth/ Francine Leach/ Esther Saimpu

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